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Rank Site Rating In Out
1 Extreme Measures Federation
5.90 45 58
Creating legends since 1999, the EMF welcomes both veteran, and rookie RPers alike. We accept real/original characters. Veteran RPer staff, 10+ year title history, and more.
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2 Old School Wrestling
5.99 12 11
OSW is Old School e-fed. We're looking for gimmicks, just like the Attitude Era and pride ourself on being Retro. Please ignore the spammed comments. Comments
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3 E-Wrestling Alliance
7.59 12 37
16 Years of Operation. Weekly Shows. Dedicated staff and players. Comments
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7.11 7 6
We will wrestl you! Comments
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5 X-treme Wrestling Federation
7.79 6 6
All set for 2016 with our dual board layouts! Tiny, easy to remember URL. Talent of ALL levels accepted. Created wrestlers are most commonly used here but we DO accept real wrestlers and celebs too! Comments
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