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Welcome to The Top Wrestling E-Feds of 2021

Find your eFed fit here. Up to date, active.

E-Wrestling and fantasy have come a long way, the eFedding world is heating up again, and you've come to the right place to find your next or first e-Fed.

This list shows 5 eFeds maximum on each page.

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Rank Site In Out
1 Extreme Measures Federation
62 176
Creating legends since 1999, the EMF welcomes both veteran, and rookie RPers alike. We accept real/original characters. Veteran RPer staff, 10+ year title history, and more.
2 WWF Attitude
52 65

Welcome back to WWF ATTITUDE - the greatest time ever to be a wrestling fan. If you never watched it - now is your chance to experience it. If you miss it - now is your chance to relive it.
3 The WWE E-Fed
38 48

Over 15 years of E-Fed dominance.
4 E-Wrestling Alliance
37 106

20 Years of Operation. Weekly Shows. Dedicated staff and players.
5 Best Wrestlers Organization
20 48

Think you're the best? Now you can prove it. Join the Best Wrestlers Organization.

We recently added an expanded list to allow comments but received complaints about intrusive ads from 3rd parties. For now the expansion is still there. If you want to read the old existing comments re:the eFeds on our list it can be seen @ Top eFeds feedback

The replacement feedback forums will be larger, help is wanted to moderate them. Please apply below and tell me why you'd be a good mod.

As of June while the new mod has been selected, I'm still taking more interest if any body also wants to apply and help the list and forums quality. Some duties could include activity like visiting or trying out an eFed for review or rating purpose and answering basic inquiries.

Dear Site Owners, don't submit anything connected to explicit deplorable adult wording or image re:kids. Like in the anti abuse terms on many other sites, there is no tolerance on gotop100.
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