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NEW Era Wrestling
New Era Wrestling is now accepting applications for it's new era.

Rank Site Rating In Out
1 Extreme Measures Federation
7.94 281 332

Creating legends since 1999, the EMF welcomes both veteran, and rookie RPers alike. We accept real/original characters. Veteran RPer staff, 10+ year title history, and more.
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2 X-treme Wrestling Federation
9.45 270 284

Launched new site March 2014! We are the most fun place to be for e-fedding! Easy to remember URL. Talent of ALL levels accepted. Almost any type of character accepted.
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3 E-Wrestling Alliance
8.56 238 81

12 Years of Operation. 2 Weekly Shows. Dedicated staff and players. EWrestlingAlliance.com
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4 Full Metal Wrestling
9.06 237 26
FMW has been running for 3 years, and is one of the best feds on the web. If you're looking for an original, quality fed with great writers and an experienced staff, then FMW is the place for you. Comments
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5 Empire Pro Wrestling
8.52 236 38

Empire Pro Wrestling is an Angle Based Efed. We have dedicated staff members and a dedicated roster. Come check us out for some great storylines and a great place to kill time.
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6 Wilkes Barre/Scranton Wrestling
9.07 235 15
WBSW is a new roleplay based fed, based in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania. Our major debut is oncoming, and we are looking to make it huge. We are starting small and working our way to worldwide stature in Comments
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7 The XWA BattleZone
8.62 234 41

The leading match-writing fed on the internet, the XWA offers some of the most talented stars and interesting programming in the E-Fed world and it's all chosen by YOU. Join up today!
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10.00 233 13

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9 East Coast Wrestling Alliance
10.00 232 19
ECWA is a new and fresh e-fed. We have a simple policy, no politics, no jokes, no bullshit. Just E-wrestling. Comments
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10 AWC (Alliance Wrestling Championship)
5.40 231 16

The newest superpower in the e-fedding world has arrived. Join now and be a part of history.Whether new to e-fedding or a veteran, this is the beginning of something special.
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11 Wrestling Icons Federation
2.13 227 6
Join now! Comments
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12 Ultimate Xtreme Wrestling
6.25 217 17
Ultimate Xtreme Wrestling is a re-opened fed with one show at the current moment, and a Hardcore 24/7 board where you can just walk up and beat the living crap out of the champion and pin him anywhere Comments
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13 WWE: Voltage
5.00 215 16

- Over 30 years of combined e-fed management experience on staff

- 2 brands to compete for

- 8 championships

- 1 ppv a month

- Real as well as CAW's accepted.
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10.00 213 6
The mic is yours! Show us what you're made of! Comments
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15 Empire Wrestling
8.71 208 21
We are an E-fed Roleplaying site. We except CAWS, and WWE/ROH/TNA superstarts. We have a very dedicated staff and Roleplayers who are committed to making the federation better. So come further your ca Comments
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16 Extreme Wrestling Alliance
6.67 207 7
We are just starting please join and help this fed grow :) Comments
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17 NoDQ Online Wrestling
8.50 205 6
NoDQ is an original E-Fed. We are an online wrestling company founded in 2007. We have a strong emphasis on competition and like to compete instead of write. Comments
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18 Underground PitFighting
5.17 1 4
Brutal, bareknuckle brawls are our business! Banned in 49 states, Underground PitFighting is the ultimate in martial arts competition! Comments
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19 Wrestling Championship Federation
6.72 1 10
We have a nearly ten year history, and our current incarnation is going strong! A bit of a "back to the basics" fed.. no fancy website or board, but a place to relax and have fun! Comments
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20 International Premiere Wrestling Circuit
9.00 1 10
IPWC is an Independent Circuit Wrestling federation. We are built around solid Roleplays and establishing great storylines that are fun and entertaining. Comments
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21 United Wrestling Federation
7.50 1 9
Now Open (1/11/10) The Newest Up and Coming EFed out there. Check out and Join the UWF Comments
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22 Unchained Wrestling Alliance
5.00 1 7
UWA is a original wrestler only Efed based around roleplaying. A dedicated Staff of 10 years experience. No Drama, just play. You miss writing without Drama? Join us. Comments
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23 1 Wrestling Revolution
NR 0 11
1 Wrestling Revolution is a fantasy e-fed role-playing wrestling promotion based in Los Angeles, California. Comments
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24 Adrenaline Wrestling
NR 0 39
Adrenaline! Wrestling provides everyone a fair and active roleplaying experience. We are looking for newcomers, veterans, those looking to have fun - you're all welcome. We're here to provide you a Comments
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25 Xtreme Japan Wrestling
NR 0 9
We are a new and exciting e-Fed breaking ground early 2011! Site currently under construction, but we will be up soon! Comments
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26 Carnage Wrestling
8.25 0 19
Carnage Wrestling - Updated November 2011! Hardkore Reborn, CAW's welcome! Weekly shows, Posers, Great Core group. Check us out! Carnage Wrestling DOT COM Comments
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27 WWE Universe 2011!
0.00 0 41
WWE Universe 2011, is a new roleplaying site for people who are looking for a fun, new roleplaying place for the new year, hence the reason for 2011. Real Superstars, Real Divas and caws are all allow Comments
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28 Ultimate Carnage Wrestling
7.50 0 25
A fully interactive e-fed with highly unique qualities and scoring systems. Join today! Comments
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29 Home of Wrestling
NR 0 42
Come join the Fun at Home of Wrestling. Anyone is Welcome to Join. We Just Want Everyone to Have Fun Comments
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30 Ground Zero Wrestling Association
8.22 0 95
GZWA allows equal opportunities for men and women, so it's commonplace to find women competing with the men.

Also, GZWA accepts any REAL wrestlers from the past or currently contracted to WWE, ROH,
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31 New Wave Wrestling
NR 0 20
NWW is all about having fun, and our compelling storylines. Unlike some other feds, we don't ask anyone to write a 30 page RP, we simply ask for decent quality and creativity. In turn, our friendly s Comments
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32 Brutal Overkill Wrestling
7.33 0 13
A new E-Fed, Welcome to anybody. Comments
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33 2W - Womens Wrestling
NR 0 15
2W (Women's Wrestling) is an independent wrestling promotion that is looking to break the stereotypes of women's wrestling. Comments
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34 GCF Wrestling
9.00 0 16
A new site, Needing members, only CAW wrestlers,Show's Weekly! Comments
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35 HellBlood Championship Wrestling
2.00 0 8
New fed starts December 30, 2010. Comments
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36 Ascension Wrestling
NR 0 17
We are a growing community of seasoned role-players, dedicated to the goal of creating a top-notch wrestling environment fueled by passion and hard work. It is ultimately our goal to maintain a community-oriented online environment where the role-player i Comments
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37 Radical Wrestling X
10.00 0 19
RWX is a new type of fed based on the old style of promo based fed. All you do is write a one scene promo and then someone will grade it. Join a new revolution of e-fedding today! Comments
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38 Hexagon Wrestling Federation Online!
NR 0 24
Underground efed based in Las Vegas! Unique matches found nowhere else! Comments
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39 Honor Wrestling
8.00 0 17
Let the Era of Honor Begin Comments
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40 TNA Wrestling
9.00 0 28
A Wrestling federation that has been opened at least Ten Years. Looking for some great role players. A fun federation. We have one show a week for a total of three weekly shows and one pay per view. Do you think you have what it takes to be the best in th Comments
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41 Revolution Championship Wrestling
NR 0 14
RCW is a newly created federation looking for mature members for a fun roleplay experience! We have a working dohtml Twitter and chat box. CAWs and Real Wrestlers are accepted! Comments
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42 Global Wrestling Promotions (E-Fed)
NR 0 12
Real wrestlers only if your interested in role playing as your favorite wwe/tna/ecw/wcw/nwa/awa any era pro wrestler then join up today, we are also seeking a full time gm with experience! Comments
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43 RWF
NR 0 12
A new take on E-feds. You make the decisions. Comments
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44 PWC E-Fed
NR 0 6
New wrestling E-Fed. Hopefully having our very first show this August! We just open and we are looking for roleplayers all of sorts. Our style is simple and fun, Join today! Comments
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45 Wrestling United
NR 0 11
A wrestling discussion forum centered around a match-writing e-fed that's been active and consistent for over 3 years. Currently interested more in divas looking to come and make their mark in the XW Comments
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46 Wrestling Takedown Federation
NR 0 8
We Make you Superstars Comments
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47 New Frontier Wrestling
NR 0 17
Entering its 11th year New Frontier Wrestling is a globalized federation with an elite roster. NFW is known for it's groundbreaking production, development of talent, worldwide fanatic audience and live show experiences. Comments
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48 NCW
NR 0 19
We have one card a week and you can roleplay anytime you want and you can talk smack and kick some butt so check us out! Comments
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49 The Windsor Wrestling School
NR 0 7
The Windsor Wrestling School operates solely to help improve upon the skills of match-writers and promo-based efedders. Comments
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50 International Championship Wrestling
8.00 0 23
International Championship Wrestling has been around since the 1990's and is back around the block better than ever. Simulations ran using TNM7. Roleplaying does play a factor in outcomes of matche Comments
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