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Welcome to The Top Wrestling E-Feds of 2023

Find your eFed fit here. Up to date, active.

E-Wrestling and fantasy have come a long way, the eFedding world is heating up again, and you've come to the right place to find your next or first e-Fed.

This list shows 5 eFeds maximum on each page.

Our archived forum is still running, all roleplayers and fed owners can still visit it if desired,

Rank Site In Out
1 E-Wrestling Alliance
210 530

20 Years of Operation. Weekly Shows. Dedicated staff and players.
2 Extreme Measures Federation
110 811
Creating legends since 1999, the EMF welcomes both veteran, and rookie RPers alike. We accept real/original characters. Veteran RPer staff, 10+ year title history, and more.
3 The WWE E-Fed
23 306

Over 15 years of E-Fed dominance.
4 Best Wrestlers Organization
1 212

Think you're the best? Now you can prove it. Join the Best Wrestlers Organization. New feature: full title history.
5 Asylum Wrestling Society
0 90

AWS is a new promotion that needs crucial members to expand.

Dear Members and Site Owners, the E-Feds listed here cannot contain or link to other Feds that contain explicit deplorable adult wording of a perverse X rated nature, or any descriptions, videos, or images re:kids in sexual situations. Like in the anti abuse terms on many other sites, there is no tolerance on gotop100 for underage sex. We had to add this rule thanks to an efed called X-treme Wrestling Federation (Xwf, I guess the X was chosen for that purpose w/them) which hosts a writer and roleplayer named Sean Brommer, who uses characters with names such as Sebastian Duke and Thad Duke. That Xwf also attacked our forum in the past when we banned them because their admin, who calls himself Loverboy refused to kick that writer. The above named child sex roleplayer is also in other Efeds so keep an eye out for him and report him whenever possible.

Our archived forum is still running, all roleplayers and fed owners can still visit it if desired,

Archived forum is

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